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The American Accountability Foundation is a non-profit government oversight and research organization that uses investigative tools to educate the public on issues related to personnel, policy, and spending. AAF deploys aggressive research and investigations to advance conservative messaging, rapid response, and Congressional investigations; while heavily scrutinizing politicians and establishment organizations, policies, and projects.


AAF is led by Tom Jones and Matt Buckham. Tom has two decades of political, policy, research, and investigations experience serving in senior legislative and investigatory positions on Capitol Hill as a Senate staffer and as an opposition researcher for campaigns at the local, state-wide, and presidential level.


While on Capitol Hill he served as the Legislative Director for Senator Ron Johnson, ran the opposition research program for Cruz for President, and previously as a Senior Policy Advisor to Senator Jim DeMint. During his time with Senator DeMint, he was part of the oversight team that helped Senator DeMint and his colleagues successfully ban Congressional earmarks. As a subcommittee staff director, he conducted on-going agency oversight and regularly investigated waste, fraud, and abuse in the federal government. His research was crucial in helping Senators defeat flawed presidential nominees and kill wasteful government programs. 


Matt has a decade of experience with personnel, policy, and leadership from inside the White House, Congress, and conservative groups. He most recently served Donald J. Trump through January 20, 2021, as Special Assistant to the President in the Presidential Personnel Office, where he identified bold conservative leaders for posts throughout the administration. Previously, he served as a legislative aide to former Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC), Senior Advisor to the House Freedom Caucus, and in various positions with conservative non-profit organizations.

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