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The American Accountability Foundation (AAF) is a charitable and educational organization that conducts non-partisan governmental oversight research and fact-checking so Americans can hold their elected leaders accountable.


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Our Projects

In addition to our day to day activities to shine light on waste, corruption, and malfeasance in the federal government AAF has specific projects under way focusing on specific areas of public policy concern.



Personnel is Policy and is shining light on flawed nominees.

The EEOC is ground zero for the left-wing's social agenda and Kalpana Kotagal's nomination would enable liberals to take over the Commission and use it to harrass American businesses.  Our site details Kotagal's history and agenda. 


Pamela Karlan is one of the Department of Justice's leading advocates to radically undermine voting integrity in America.  Our site tells the truth about her radical history and policies

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The Departments of Homeland Security and Health and Human Services wasted millions in a crony capitalist deal housing illegal aliens. details our ongoing investigation of this boondoggle. 

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Pork Map

A project to map all the Congressional Earmark Spending so that the public will have a tool to research waste in their community.

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