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Bahman Saghaei Email Inbox Log

As part of AAF's efforts to expose bias within the Persian Division at the Voice of America, we have been making extensive public records requests to the Agency.  Detailed below are the 45,757 headers for the emails in Bahman Saghaei's email box. Please note that this is a large dataset and may take some time to load.


We requested just the headers to aid in a quick production so we can cull down to emails we would like to request.   The headers of the emails are presented in card format so you can review the email headers and help us identify full emails that we need to request.   There is a sort function that will allow you to sort within the field to locate issues that are important and return the headers for that particular email(s).

It is our hope that you will review the emails and help highlight potentially problematic issues that need to be further reviewed.  When you have identified an email, please send an email detailing the row number of the email so that we can send a further FOIA to the Voice of America to request the contents of this email. 

To search within the documents click the "Toggle Filter" Button.   

The add the field you want to search within.





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