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AAF Report Exposes AOC Plan to Create Federal Agency Dedicated to Enacting Leftist Utopian Vision

AOC’s Multi-Billion Dollar Civilian Climate Corps Would Be Dedicated Entirely to Enacting Leftist’s Wildest Dreams

WASHINGTON, DC – In a new report, the American Accountability Foundation exposes the Left’s latest ploy to transform the federal government to enact their radical agenda. If enacted, the Civilian Climate Corps for Jobs and Justice Act would shut down key American industries and create a permanent agency dedicated to go door to door to enact AOC’s climate agenda. As millions of American citizens are out of work, the will would provide salaries and college tuition to over 100,000 illegal aliens.

Introduced by Senator Ed markey and Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in April, the little-noticed bill would pave the way for some of the most radical changes to American industry and government in a generation including:

  • Immediately banning all new fossil fuel and extractive energy projects;

  • Closing down large scale “factory farming;”

  • Decarbonizing the economy, leading to the prohibition of internal combustion engines;

  • Banning genetically modified foods and bottled water;

  • Unionizing all of the private sector;

  • Ending immigration detention, essentially creating open borders

  • Defunding the police;

  • Closing prisons and releasing violent criminals.

AAF President Tom Jones issued the following statement:

When radicals like AOC say the quiet part out loud, you should take them at their word. This bill would enact a highly-effective program to employ hundreds of thousands of federal workers dedicated to enacting the left’s most wild dreams such as defunding the police and banning all new fossil fuel products. America cannot afford to write this off as a pipe dream, rather a roadmap that the left will now relentlessly pursue. Even more concerning is this package could very well be included in the reconciliation package moving through Congress right now

The full report can be read here.

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