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American Accountability Foundation Sends Investigative Findings on Unethical Endeavors Contracts

New Report Documents Unethical Behavior of Former Biden Admin Official and Endeavors

WASHINGTON, DC – American Accountability Foundation released an investigative report documenting the history of unethical practices used by Endeavors to garner a highly profitable contract using a former Biden Administration official. The report comes months after AAF released its first investigative report and then DHS Office of Inspector General opened their own investigation. The new report documenting a clear picture of a serious failure in the federal procurement process and abusive use of influence peddling will be sent to the DHS Office of Inspector General. The new AAF report documents the following:

  • Endeavors had no experience housing illegal alien families, yet they were tasked with serving thousands of migrant families;

  • The group executed a full campaign of crony influence of former officials peddling to secure the contact; and,

  • The consultant hired for the contract had such a glaring conflict of interest, the federal agency overseeing the contract threw him off the contract.

AAF President Tom Jones issued the following statement: The cronyist back-scratching that occurred here is one for the text books on unethical behavior. It’s bad enough that the contract was even awarded in the first place. It’s made worse that a vulnerable population is going to suffer because of the incompetence of the procurement process and Endeavors. The full report can be read here. American Accountability Foundation submitted it to the Department of Homeland Security Office of Inspector General to assist in their investigation of the matter.

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