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WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, the American Accountability Foundation (AAF) released research on Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s previous record defending violent criminals, including murderers. Specifically, they uncovered her work in trying to keep a murderer and long-time criminal, Vaughn Kosh, out of prison and in society.

“From calling the justice system ‘unfair’ to sex predators, to attempting to reform and reduce sentencing, and trying to keep murderers like Vaughn Kosh on the streets, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson has made it clear that she is incapable of separating her partisan agenda from her jurisprudence,” Tom Jones, AAF Founder, said. “If confirmed, her radical views on the criminal justice system will just be the start of her influence on every issue coming before the Supreme Court. Every Senator should view this nomination as a threat to our Constitutional principles and the integrity of the highest court in the land.”

Vaughn Kosh is a violent career criminal. He was only allowed to become a career criminal because President Joe Biden’s nominee for the Supreme Court, Ketanji Brown Jackson, and her radical colleagues failed to remove him from society. Their soft-on-crime ideology ended in tragedy on December 7, 2019 when Kosh burst into his neighbor’s home in Washington, D.C. and murdered two women, both of whom were disabled.

In 2006, Brown Jackson was the attorney of record for Kosh after he violated parole for possession of a firearm as a felon. Brown Jackson spent the better part of a year working on his case, even filing a writ of certiorari to the U.S. Supreme Court. The murders Kosh went on to commit could have been avoidable if Judge Brown Jackson and her radical colleagues had recognized the danger to society posed by violent criminals like Kosh.

These findings come after AAF uncovered Judge Brown Jackson’s previous writings from the 1996 Harvard Law Review. In these writings, she argued that the justice system was “unfair” to sex predators. Clearly, her philosophy remained unchanged during her time as a public defender, and led to a tragic outcome.

Townhall covered the story here.

The research report with the full details of the case can be found below.

AAF Vaughn Kosh Research Brief-11 (1)
Download PDF • 13.24MB

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