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AAF Files Ethics Complaint Against Rep. Jamie Raskin

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The American Accountability Foundation (AAF) filed an ethics complaint against U.S. Representative Jamie Raskin due to his failure to properly report his wife's, and Biden Fed nominee, massive stock payout.

Rep. Raskin failed to properly disclose the $1.5 million stock sale until nearly 8 months after the fact, which is a violation of the Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge (STOCK) Act.

AAF Founder, Tom Jones, told Fox Business, "Sarah and Jamie Raskin are career politicians who have used the system to enrich themselves, and it is time that someone holds them accountable. If House rules are going to mean anything, the House Ethics Committee needs to open an investigation and sanction Jamie Raskin for hiding this shady stock deal from the public."

This marks the latest instance of growing opposition to Bloom Raskin's nomination to be the Fed's top banking regulator. In her hearing last week, U.S. Senator Lummis also highlighted the shady timing of the Fed granting rare master account account to Reserve Trust while Bloom Raskin sat on the advisory board.

The ethics complaint comes after AAF broke the news of the reporting violations in Business Insider last week.

The full text of the complaint is attached below.

AAF - Raskin OCE Complaint 2.7.22 (1)
Download PDF • 174KB

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