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AAF calls on Jane Lubchenco to resign or be fired after NAS sanctions

In January 2022 The American Accountability Foundation wrote to request that the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) immediately open an investigation of Dr. Jane Lubchenco, who is deputy director for climate and environment at the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy.

AAF believed Lubchenco had conflict of interest violations and asked NAS to impose the appropriate punishment, up to and including, expulsion from the Academy.

On August 9, 2022, the NAS replied to that request:

“I write to inform you that the conduct review process has been completed. Effective August 8, for a five-year period, the NAS Council has barred Jane Lubchenco from being involved in NAS publications; serving on or participating in NAS and NRC program activities; and receiving NAS honors or awards.
Sincerely, Susan R. Wessler Home Secretary”

AAF Founder Tom Jones released the following statement in response to NAS' decision:

"The National Academies of Sciences has confirmed AAF complaint against Biden’s Climate Science Advisor - that she engaged in an egregious violation of the rules of scientific integrity and peer review. The American people deserve leaders in the White House who don’t use their positions of influence to put their thumb on the scales for friends and family. Dr. Jane Lubchenco does not meet that standard and does not deserve to be an Assistant to the President. Dr. Lubchenco must immediately resign and if she does not the President must fire her."

AXIOS published the following:

White House climate official sanctioned by key science body

Other outlets who covered this story:

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