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WASHINGTON, D.C. – The American Accountability Foundation (AAF) today called for the withdrawal of Gigi Sohn’s nomination to serve as Commissioner of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC.)

“Today’s Senate Commerce hearing made it clear that Gigi Sohn’s nomination is the Biden administration’s next attack on free speech, journalism, and conservative media,” Tom Jones, AAF Founder, said. “Not only has she now openly admitted that her recusals are voluntary and could be withdrawn at any time, but the secret negotiations surrounding her recusal letter bring the entire nomination process into question.”

U.S. Senator Roger Wicker (R-Miss.) questioned Sohn in today’s hearing, asking about the circumstances surrounding her recusal letter and why they were kept secret from Republican members of the committee. AAF has long been calling for the circumstances of the recusal negotiations to be made public, and they sent a letter to Senator Maria Cantwell (D-Wash.) asking for more information.

Not only were the recusal negotiations kept secret from Republican members of the committee, but Sohn also openly admitted that any of the recusals listed were voluntary and could be withdrawn at any time while she would serve as FCC Commissioner.

Given the wide range of issues that Sohn has publicly weighed in on during the past, these remarks should concern all Americans who value free speech and journalism in media.

AAF has been long opposed to Sohn’s nomination due to her past remarks calling Fox News “propaganda”, associations with extremist hard left groups calling for the FCC to cancel media outlets, and her suspicious $32 million settlement with Locast after serving on the board of Sports Fan Coalition.

The full text of AAF’s letters to Cantwell is attached below.

Download PDF • 141KB

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