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AAF Calls for Investigation into Rep. Krishnamoorthi’s RE: the team formerly known as the Redskins

For Immediate Release July 29, 2022

AAF Calls for Investigation into Rep. Krishnamoorthi’s Pay-to-Play Oversight of the team formerly known as the Washington Redskins

Washington, D.C. — American Accountability Foundation (AAF) called for an investigation of Representative Raja Krishnamoorthi and his pay-to-play scheme as a member of the House Oversight Committee probing the team formerly known as the Washington Redskins.

In a letter to House Ethics Committee Chairman Mike Barnes, AAF describes Rep. Krishnamoorthi’s solicitation of campaign contributions in exchange for conducting a Congressional investigation of the Redskins at the behest of lobbyists and special interests. While Rep. Krishnamoorthi endured a few days of bad press for his behavior, AAF points out that his actions violated both the House ethics rules and the federal bribery statute.

Rep. Krishnamoorthi’s decision to cancel the fundraiser in question not only serves as proof of his guilt but also does not absolve him of this criminal violation and abdication of his duty as a United States Congressman.

American Accountability Foundation President Tom Jones described the fundamental violation of democracy inherent in Rep. Krishnamoorthi’s actions:

“It’s clear that Rep. Krishnamoorthi, members of his staff, and perhaps others, violated House ethics rules and the federal bribery statute by raising – and agreeing to accept – campaign donations in exchange for using the power of the Oversight Committee to investigate and permanently damage the team formerly known as the Washington Redskins at the behest of wealthy lobbyists with an ax to grind against their local sports franchise.

“The language in the invitation linking a fundraiser to Rep. Krishnamoorthi’s role in the investigation of the team is evidence of a corrupt quid pro quo to cause damage to the team and its leadership. By canceling the event, Rep. Krishnamoorthi not only revealed his guilty conscience but also underscored the scope of his violation of both House and federal statutes. The American people deserve better from our elected representatives, and we call on the House Ethics Committee – and the DOJ, if warranted – to take appropriate action against Rep. Krishnamoorthi for his clear abuse of power and duty,” said Jones.

Letter from AAF to Chairman Mike Barnes of Congressional Ethics

The American Accountability Foundation is a non-profit government oversight and research organization that uses investigative tools to educate the public on issues related to personnel, policy, and spending. AAF deploys aggressive research and investigations to advance conservative messaging, rapid response, and Congressional investigations, while heavily scrutinizing politicians and establishment organizations, policies, and projects.


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